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About Menopausin' Mama

Welcome to my Menopausin' Mama blog! Yes, I am just in the bewildering beginnings of menopause at the young age of 51, and a full-time stay-at-home happy wife of 28 years and mom of SEVEN! Yes, two sets of kids, for a total of 7. I'm still trying to let that sink in as well, since the WAY it happened wasn't part of our plan - but it obviously WAS God's. He certainly has quite a sense of humor and knows things about us that we DON'T. Like when we think we are not good enough to handle something, but HE says, "yes you can because I'll be walking WITH you all the way through it: TRUST ME." This will probably come up in future blog posts.

Of our children, our three birth kids are now adults, our next two we adopted from foster care, and the last two through private adoption in 2021.  

The whole story is pretty amazing, and I know this sounds crazy, but the grapevine is a part of it! I'll tell bits of it whenever I post in this blog since I'm incredibly limited on time, as anyone who is a full-time mama of little ones knows!

Our littles are ages 3, almost 7, and twins age 8. Since all of them have been through trauma, all of them are significantly younger mentally. The girls are nearly all the same size and wear the same size clothing. All of them love to sing or practice whistling (mostly high-pitched blowing sounds), dance, pretend (lots of dog-barking), dress up in princess outfits (crowns, gloves, jewelry, etc.), and color pictures. 

They are beautiful princesses to the core. They love to hear about Jesus, they love to pray and sing together before sleep times, they love hugs, and they love being part of our family and they all have amazing sense of humor and imagination. Skin color difference aside, they are #virtualtriplets !

Our three-year-old is THE toddler of all toddlers. The little brother who grabs his sisters' things and runs off with them or sneaks up onto their beds to get ahold of their purses and dump them all over his own bed. He likes to stack things just to knock them down. He has broken doors off cupboards, pushed heavy furniture, taken screws out of coffee tables, reached things off counter tops, played in the toilet, ate non-food items like woodchips, drooled like a slobbery Saint Bernard, screamed in a pitch high and frequently enough that I may be deaf in a year, and more antics from the time we got him at 8 1/2 months old. But he is also reading books somewhere around 1st grade level, counting to 30 or higher with a few missed numbers, reciting the months of the year, days of the week, siblings' full names and birthdays, names of planets, our address, phone number and hundreds of words/phrases in sign language. He has the most adorable, infectious giggle when he is tickled, and the sweetest hugs and kisses when he's in the mood for them.

So just picture LOUD but lots of love and laughter. Me and my "old" hubby (60's not really THAT old) parenting virtual triplets and a toddler. I've learned to kneel instead of squat to change our toddler's diapers - as you can imagine what happens to many tired bladders when too much pressure is put on them and then an unexpected sneeze comes at just the wrong time. Ugh. Hubby thinks that's hilarious and tells me there are lots of pull-ups in the closet that maybe I could use. Ha Ha! Very funny.

Many of my posts may end abruptly. Like this one. The kids are awake from nap, so gotta run! Thanks for reading my intro! I hope you'll visit again to read more as I write.

God bless,


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