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Menopausin' Mama

Funnies, Facts & Frustrations with Grapevine Grace

Hello and welcome! As I am sure you know, being a parent is life’s greatest adventure.  Starting all over with four LITTLE kids through foster care and adoption after raising three biological children to adulthood brings a whole new set of adventures I could not have imagined!  Some are hilarious, some not so much. 


We are now a transracial family with "virtual triplet" girls and a toddler boy, managing multiple special needs or behaviors, including trauma, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, PICA, anxiety, cognitive impairment, ADHD, and more I'm still discovering.  Combine those with me, the Me-NO-Pausin' Mama, and, well... you'll just have to come back to read some of the crazy stuff that goes on here in our home! 


I'm not an actress like my girls; whatever I write is REAL.  This is my outlet so I will share funnies, frustrations and facts that will hopefully make you laugh, say a prayer or find help or hope in your own parenting journey.  Most of all I will glorify God for all the grace HE has bestowed upon our family - especially me as I write, so that I can look back even on my worst days and find something to smile about. 

Thanks for visiting!  Scroll down to check out my Instagram, blog posts, or read about my book, Raising PEARLS.


God bless, 


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